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bravo0202's Journal

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2 February
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12 monkeys, 40 below summer, a perfect circle, ac/dc, aerosmith, airheads, alice in chains, anthrax, army of darkness, beastie boys, beer, billy madison, biohazard, black label society, black sabbath, blood simple, bloodhound gang, boondock saints, boyz n the hood, bronx tale, c.o.c, candiria, candlebox, chasing amy, cheech and chong, chemical brothers, chevelle, chimaira, cky, clerks, concerts, crowbar, crystal method, cypress hill, damageplan, darkane, dazed and confused, death(the band), deftones, devil driver, die hard movies, dogma, donnie darko, down, downset, evil dead, evil dead 2, face down, fargo, fatboy slim, fear factory, fight club, friday, front 242, godsmack, going to shows, good fellas, green day, haggard, hatebreed, hating jason newsted, him, hoodies, house of pain, jackass, judgement night, killswitch engage, kittie, korn, krush groove, lamb of god, led zeppelin, lethal weapon movies, living sacrifice, machine head, mad season, mall rats, massive attack, megadeth, metallica, ministry, monster voodoo machine, motograter, napalm death, nine inch nails, nothingface, office space, one hour photo, opeth, ozzy, pantera, paradise lost, pearl jam, philadelphia flyers, philadelphia phillies, pink floyd, playing hockey, poison the well, porn, prime gig, primer 55, primus, pro-pain, probot, prodigy, pulp fiction, rage against the machine, reservoir dogs, rob van winkle, rob zombie, run dmc, sepultura, shadows fall, shaun of the dead, slayer, slipknot, snot, soulfly, static x, stone roses, stone sour, stone temple pilots, superjoint ritual, swingers, system of a down, the doves, the verve, throwdown, tommy boy, tool, tuff crew, type o negative, up in smoke, vast, washington redskins, white zombie